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  Let's Dance Moonlight            Bobo               Let's Dance Big Easy          Let's Dance
                                                                                                        Rhythmic Blue  Hydrangea                Hydrangea                    Hydrangea                   Hydrangea
    Cityline Paris                    Cityline Mars              Zinfin Doll                   Cityline Rio
      Hydrangea                        Hydrangea                Hydrangea                  Hydrangea
All of our Roses are #1 Grade!
Stop in to see our beautiful selection!

Most are $21.99 in #3 gallon pots.
               'Macho Man'                'Silver Star'                  'Dick and Clark'                     'Luscious'
       'Mon Cheri'                          'Peace'                           'Marmalade Skies'             'Hot Cocoa'

           Coreopsis                                                 Carex               
           Red Elf                                                 Banana Boat                    Glass Slippers           
    Leucanthemum                                      Echinacea                                    Delphinium
    Whoops-a-Daisy                                        Julia                                       New Millennium

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        information on

     Downy Mildew
        on Impatiens
Only $3.99 per 1 cubic bag
Compare to Sweet Peet!
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