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Color your landscape for spring!
                                                  Good through 6-8
                          $7.99 Flower and Vegetable flats*
                                                most have 48 plants!!
                                                     *While supplies last
Hanging baskets*
10 inch baskets
2/$25 or $17.99 each
*While supplies last
 Good Through 6-2
                Firelight                  Endless Summer                       Cityline Paris             Let's Dance Big Easy
             Hydrangea                      Hydrangea                             Hydrangea                      Hydrangea
         Citlyline Rio                         Limelight                           Little Lime                   Vanilla Strawberry
         Hydrangea                          Hydrangea                         Hydrangea                          Hydrangea

       LA Dreamin              Invincibelle Wee White      Let's Dance Rhythmic Blue                  Bobo
       Hydrangea                           Hydrangea                       Hydrangea                          Hydrangea
Cash & Carry Special!*
4 for $19.99 #1-1/2 gal
or $6.99 each
(with $20 purchase)
*While supplies last
 Good through 6-2
        Yaku Prince                                                                         Capistrano
                 Roses make an excellent mother's day gift!
All of our Roses are #1 Grade!  Stop in to see our beautiful selection!
                                     Most are $21.99 in #3 gallon pots.
David Austin English Roses available for $32.99 this year
              HT 'Blue Girl'                              HT 'Snowfire'                                        Anne Boleyn
                                                                                                                           English Tree Rose
                                                                                                                           36" STD $49.99
      FLB 'Gingersnap'                                   HT 'We Salute You'                          Double Knockout
                                                                                                                             Patio Tree Rose
                                                                                                                            24" STD $34.99
                                                                                                                (also available in double pink)
Fragrant Lilacs
Scent and Sensibility                        Bloomerang                              Scentara
                                                     Dark Purple                              Double Blue
grows 21/2x4ft.                                               4x4ft.                                 Compact Mildew Resistant
Most starting at $5.99 each
1 gallon size

      Heuchera            Heuchera             Echinacea                Salvia
      Lava Lamp          Black Pearl         Double Scoop         Violet Riot
       *new item*               *new item*
                          Japanese Maple Bloodgood*
                                   4-5ft 5Gallon $119.99
                                                      *While supplies last
                                                           Good through 6-2
     Flowering Plum               Cotoneaster
        #10  7'                                      #7   4' STD
    or    #15  8'          
  Cleveland Select Pear
6-8' B&B $99.99
 Crimson King Maple         Red Sunset Maple          Ruby Falls
                                                                          Weeping Redbud

1"-1 1/4" #15                        1 1/4" cal. B&B                        
We carry a variety of colorful gazing balls on pedestals and other interesting lawn decorations.

 Click Above for important 
        information on

     Downy Mildew
Only $3.99 per 1 cubic bag
Compare to Sweet Peet!
Tomato Blast
We suggest Tomato Blast for higher yields, juicer tomatoes, and more calcium to prevent blossom end-rot.
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