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Special savings on select trees and shrubs.

  8'' pot  5/$19.99 or $4.49 each

Green Giant or Emerald

    3 or more $29.99 each    
3.5' to 4'     3 gal size
$32.99 each 

        Miss Molly "Butterfly Bush"                           Pink Delight "Butterfly Bush"

10 Reasons to Use Eucalyptus Mulch

 Lasts twice as long

 Natural eucalyptus oils resist insects

Will not float or blow away

Provides nutrients for plants and soil.

Prohibits weed growth

Color safe for you and your pets

The natural eucalyptus oils produce a wonderful aroma

Retains moisture

Eucalyptus is a U.S.A. farm grown renewable resource

Natural dark gold color

Available in a 2 cubic foot bag $4.69 each

Only $3.99 per 1 cubic bag
Compare to Sweet Peet!

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