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Order bare root fruit trees now!
Our trees generally bear fruit in the first or second year.

Available late March/early April.
Email or call us for availability.

See us for all your organic and complete fruit tree sprays this spring.

Livingston Seeds coming soon - Spring 2017

We carry a variety of colorful gazing balls on pedestals and other interesting lawn decorations.

Come see our selection of concrete statuary.


As of last fall, the reports on downy mildew were spotty across the U.S. Reasons for this may be due to less numbers of impatiens being planted throughout the country.  In our area of the country, in the midwest, downy mildew sweep across beds of impatiens in late August into September.
With our own personal experience with our plantings in beds, and in containers, we began to see downy mildew by mid-September. We discovered it after the cool moist nights, seeing a section of the flower bed starting to wilt, and spreading further as the weather seemed favorable for the disease. It swept into our potted impatiens and took them within a few days.
We suggest spraying a product with phosphoric acid such as Agrifos on a consistent spray schedule from the time of planting until frost.  It is recommended to drench the flower beds with the phosphoric acid before planting, since the disease can winter over. We suggest, if you enjoy planting impatiens, then do so! You can still enjoy them for most of the summer season.

Tips for winter:

For fruit trees, use fragrant soaps such as Irish spring or whiff. Tie them onto the tree each season to keep away deer. You can also use Bonide's scentimentals available in our store. Milorganite has also proven effective as a deer repellent.

In late February you may want to overseed a thin lawn. The seed will work into the soil with the freezing and thawing temperatures without losing viability of the seed. Once the temperatures rise above 50 degrees, the seed will begin to germinate.

Apply dormant spray in late March or early April to ornamental tress, shrubs, and roses. Dormant spray with lime sulfur, and dormant oil will effectively eliminate any diseases and insects that may survive winter
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